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how to get rid of wasps by EliminateEm exterminatorEvery year the warmer months bring these stinging pests to back yards throughout Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There are many different types of wasps, and many of them can become a nuisance around the house.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation

The most obvious sign is spotting a wasp near your house. Look over the walls of your house (particularly at corners) and eves for wasp nests. Be careful not to get too close to a nest, as some types of wasps can be very aggressive.

Can I get rid of wasps on my own?

While there are a wide variety of chemicals on the market that may help you get rid of your wasp problem, we’d encourage you to leave it to the professionals. The chemicals used in most of these pesticides can be harmful to your health. And if you fail to kill the wasps, they can become defensive and sting you multiple times.

If you’ve discovered a wasp infestation at your home, your best option for control is to call an exterminator.

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