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Pavement Ant Exterminators

Pavement Ants are small pests ranging from 1/10 to 1/16 inches in length with two-node antennas and is dark brown in color.  Pavement Ants eat variety of foods including meats, pet food, sweets, grease, seeds, honeydew, honey, cheese, bread, nuts, and insects.  Pavement Ants nest in soil under sidewalks, driveways, stones, logs and other hidden sites.

Pavement Ant Inspection

Pavement Ant can be found in the homes, in wall voids, beneath toilets and water heaters.  You can see pavement ants nesting beneath mulch, landscaping, stones, logs and along curbs in outdoors.
Pavement Ant colonies can also be found adjacent to the foundations or skirting of homes and also commonly found under homes with concrete slab construction.

Damage by Pavement Ant

Pavement ants do not pose serious health threat but they pollute food by leaving waste behind.

Pavement Ant Treatment

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