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Mosquitoe Exterminators

Mosquitoes are brown, spindly legged insects approximately ½ inch or less in length. Adult Mosquitoes feed on nectar and other plant juices, but as we know some also feed on blood. They can locate blood hosts (that means us…) by sight, scent and heat from up to 100 feet away. They are especially sensitive to the carbon dioxide we exhale. Most Mosquitoes are crepuscular, meaning they only feed at dawn or dusk, keeping out of the heat of the day. However, they will absolutely bite any time of day or night if they are disturbed.

Inspection For Mosquitoes

Mosquitoe image from EliminateEm CT pest control exterminatorMosquitoes lay their eggs in a variety of aquatic habitats from puddles to marshes, tires to discarded containers filled with rain water. As adults, Mosquitoes tend to stay close to their breeding grounds. This means any lakes, ponds, or even clogged gutters are prime locations to look for these pests.

Damage By Mosquitoes

Everyone knows that Mosquito bites are an itchy annoyance, but the reality is that they can actually be quite dangerous as well. When a Mosquito feeds on blood they must first inject their saliva into their host. When they move on to the next host, whatever diseases were in the Mosquito’s previous host are transmitted to the following one. While not every Mosquito bite is deadly, they can carry illnesses as serious as Malaria, Yellow Fever and the West Nile Virus. Bringing in an Eliminate ‘Em technician to eradicate Mosquito populations around your home is the best way to protect your family from all of these potential dangers.

Mosquito Control Treatment

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