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The bald-faced hornet isn’t an insect to be taken lightly. Hornet nests can grow to the size of a basketball and hold well over 100 workers. And these workers are extremely aggressive.

How to Identify Hornets

hornet nest image by EliminateEm Pest ControlThe most common hornet that you’ll find in the northeast is the bald-faced hornet. A quick way to identify bald-faced hornets is by their color. The hornet’s face has a distinct black and white pattern, and white stripes along its abdomen. Bald-faced hornets are also far larger than other yellow jackets.

A hornet’s nest is easily identifiable by its size and appearance. Hornet nests can grow to be the size of basketballs. These nests are made of paper, giving them a unique textured appearance.

Why You Should Consult an Exterminator

We always recommend getting an expert opinion when it comes to removing hornet nests. Hornets are extremely aggressive and will attack if you get too close to their territory. Hornets can also sting multiple times, putting people with an allergy to their stings in serious danger.

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