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Fly Exterminators

Flies are generally found in homes, restaurants and supermarkets, and especially in places where food is allowed to ferment and decay. The most common variety of Fly found in these areas is the Housefly(accounting for over 90% of Fly infestations). Adult Flies are 8 to 12 millimeters in length and primarily grey in color with four black stripes running along their thorax. They have no teeth, which means they often shoot saliva out of their mouth parts to predigest their meals. Female Houseflies lay batches of eggs of up to 150 at a time. These eggs hatch into maggots within a day, ensuring that the cycle of infestation continues at a rapid rate. The summer months are particularly ideal for Flies as the increased heat accelerates decomposition making their food resources even more abundant. Your meals, your pets’ meals, and of course trash cans full of garbage are all prime sources of nourishment for these nearly indestructible pests.

Inspection For Flies

Flies image from EliminateEm pest control exterminatorIt’s common knowledge that Flies love to congregate around your garbage cans, but if they’ve made it into your home at all, a full inspection will find them hanging out in all sorts of locations. You’ll notice Flies resting on the walls, floors and even ceilings of any room in your house. Outdoors, they can be found virtually anywhere. It is important to make sure that you keep trash contained in closed bins and promptly pick up all pet waste to reduce the likelihood of Flies turning your yard into the hippest new restaurant in town…

Damage By Flies

While it is certainly distracting to have Flies buzzing past your head, and unsettling to catch them out of the corner of your eye and they lurk about on your ceilings, these seemingly benign insects are actually much more than an annoyance. Houseflies are disease carriers. They transmit pathogens as they travel, pathogens that can manifest in the body as a number of dangerous viruses and infections. Typhoid, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, cholera, food poisoning, eye infections and parasitic worms are only some of the threats to your health a Housefly can bring into your home.

Treatment For Flies

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