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The Clothes Moth  is approximately 1/4 inch in length and golden in color with red-gold hairs on the top of its head. Clothes Moths are a family of Moths that have specifically adapted to feed on fabrics including carpets, upholstery and (of course) clothes!

Inspection For Clothes Moths

Clothes Moth image from EliminateEm CT pest control exterminatorUnlike the moths you might typically think of, Clothes Moths aren’t attracted to light. They are weak flyers that are usually found very close to the items they are infesting. Inspections should begin in the dark corners of closets, behind wood paneling and in the cracks and crevices around shelving.

Damage By Clothes Moths

Damage by Clothes Moths may not be immediately evident, but the next time you take out that old winter coat you will know right away if these pests have found their way into your closet! Moth larvae love to feed on fabrics such as wool, rugs, upholstery and furs as well as animal bristles on brushes, felts inside pianos, and even the fish meal in fish food. The damage they leave behind is often hidden under collars and cuffs, in the crevices of upholstered furniture and in areas of carpeting covered by furniture and other stationary items. This is why, if you do come across such damages in your home, you should call the professionals at Eliminate’Em to eliminate them right away.

Treatment To Eradicate Moths

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