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Beetle Exterminators

As a family, Beetles are the most populous species known to man. They make up approximately 25% of all known life forms and their reproduction rate is significantly higher than any other species. Beetles range in size from less than a millimeter (1/100 of an inch) to tropical giants over six inches long. These insects can be found in a variety of habitats because they can adapt to nearly any climate. They primarily feed on fungi and other plant and animal matter.

Inspecting For Beetles

Aside from oceans and the polar caps, beetles can be found in practically any environment – from rain forests to grasslands, forests to deserts. Inspecting for beetles includes thorough searching around doors, windows, soffits, gutters, and basements.Beetle Control is imperative in these areas as we aim to stop them before they infiltrate your home.

Damage By Beetles

Generally speaking, Beetles are not harmful to living humans and other mammals, but they can still cause significant damage in and around your home. Beetles (and their close relative, the Weevil) feed on a variety of substances including plants, dead or decaying matter, materials such as wools, animal skins and furs, carpets and even other insects and invertebrates. Beetle control is especially important in places like museums where old and delicate fabrics are often on display. It is also imperative to monitor and control beetles in food and grain warehouses to prevent them from infiltrating storage containers and laying their eggs in the grain.

Beetle Control And Treatment

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