Tips for Schools to Manage Bedbugs

When most people think about bedbug infestations, their minds drift to hotels and homes. However, you can add schools to that list too. While infestations are fairly uncommon, the environment of younger students bringing in bags and coats and storing their supplies together turns into a breeding ground for bedbugs.

Although the school might not see an infestation develop, these bugs latch onto clothing and can be transferred to someone else’s personal items and home. What should schools be aware of to prevent this from happening?

Know the Signs

Schools have resources to help identify lice infestations, but what about bedbugs? A student dealing with an infestation at home with the potential to bring these critters to school might have a physical reaction, such as visible bites. Even if you don’t see the bites, a student looking unusually uncomfortable or extremely anxious might be infected.

When a Student’s Bringing in Bedbugs

If one of your students has visible bite marks or you’ve found bedbugs within their personal items, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t send the student home; instead, have the student leave the classroom to be inspected by a nurse.
  2. Notify other teachers about this issue.
  3. Provide the student with educational materials about dealing with bedbugs and notify his or her parents about the issue.
  4. If the pests were found within the student’s things, provide a set of plastic bags for storing his or her belongings while at school and temporarily keep them in a separate area.
  5. Find time to inspect the student’s belongings and locker.
  6. Avoid having your students leave piles of shoes or coats in the classroom.

When the School Has an Infestation

When your school is dealing with a large-scale bedbug problem, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Contact pest control professionals immediately.
  2. Capture the bugs for identification.
  3. Clean all hard surfaces with soapy water.
  4. Avoid clutter in the classroom and lost and found areas.
  5. Clean any upholstered furniture and anything wall mounted.
  6. Store as many supplies as possible inside plastic containers.

Is your school dealing with a bedbug infestation? Don’t hesitate or try to get rid of the problem on your own. Instead, make an appointment with Eliminate ‘Em and we’ll be there that same day to assess the situation and provide a solution.