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Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoon Removal & Raccoon Control

Raccoons can cause severe damage if they get inside your home or business. Pest management is key to both removing wildlife and keeping them outside. Many people have set up raccoon traps however we recommend hiring a company for wildlife services as raccoons can be dangerous.

racoons in water from EliminateEm CT animal control exterminatorRaccoons are medium sized mammals, approximately 16 to 28 inches in length (not including their 8 to 16 inch tail). They are intelligent creatures whose reputation for mischief is well earned, and not just from the “bandit-like” black markings around their eyes. Raccoons are curious by nature. They explore the world through their extremely heightened sense of touch. They are also adept swimmers, able to stay in the water for hours at a time, and equally skilled climbers who can actually make their way down a tree head first. Of course, the biggest reasons Raccoons have found themselves on our Pest list are that they are nocturnal, omnivorous. Many people have found raccoons in their attic or crawling into their chimney.

Raccoon Inspection

A full wildlife inspection should include any cavities in rock and debris piles, attics, crawl spaces, culverts and sewer drains. Trimming trees away from your home or business can also improve wildlife control.

Damage By Raccoons

If you have a Raccoon problem, your garbage can isn’t the only thing left vulnerable. Raccoons will crawl through uncapped chimneys or rip through shingles to gain access to your home. They also tear up lawns and destroy gardens in search of grubs and earthworms. Where Raccoons nest in your walls and attics they leave behind urine and waste that can cause serious health risks to you and your family. This is why it is important to call an Eliminate ‘Em pest control professional to trap and remove Raccoons from your property as soon as possible. Our pest control experts will discuss with you how to get rid of raccoons in the attic and how we set our traps for getting rid of raccoons in the attic.

Raccoon Removal Using Wildlife Trapping Tool

At Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services we offer wildlife removal and wildlife trapping services. Wildlife pest control can be dangerous as animals can carry rabies and harm humans and household pets. We encourage consumers to let our licensed technicians handle all of your Pest Control, Wildlife and Inspection needs. Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services offers same-day services and free estimates to remove Raccoons. Professional technicians are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get rid of any insects, rodents or wildlife that are causing damage or creating a nuisance in and around your home or business.