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Opossum Removal Services

The Opossum (sometimes referred to colloquially as the Possum) is the most common form of marsupial found in the Western Hemisphere. They can grow up to the size of a large cat, but are actually about 2 – 3 feet long when including the length of their somewhat rat-like tail. Opossums have distinctively elongated snouts and narrow skulls, pink noses, black eyes and black, hairless ears. The fur on their bodies is a grayish white which fades to a darker gray on their limbs.

Possum Inspection

Opossum on branch image from EliminateEm Connecticut animal control exterminatorPossums are nocturnal creatures with a flexible diet, making them difficult to catch in action and even more difficult to get rid of. They love to hide in dark areas, but have no preference as to whether these hideouts are below or above ground. These adaptable little creatures can just as easily take over an abandoned burrow as climb a tree.  Apart from personally catching an Opossum in the act of rummaging through your trash, your best bet for locating where it’s been is to follow the tracks its sharp claws have left behind.

Damage Caused By Possums

Opossums are some of the least picky eaters on the planet. These omnivores will feast on everything from road kill and worms to Fido’s kibble to your left over fruit salad! Not only will possums rummage through your garbage, they’ll eat crops fresh from your garden and trample what they leave behind. This, coupled with their abounding resilience, makes possums a formidable foe, best taken on by a professional trained to eliminate them quickly, never fooled by their “playing possum”.

Opossum Removal

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