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mouse looking for food from EliminateEm Connecticut pest control exterminatorConsumers can spend hours reading up on how to catch a mouse and how to get rid of mice.  You spend incredible money purchasing mouse traps, poison for mice and replacing damaged items in your home.  We encourage you to call Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services to get rid of mice in your home or office.  Forget buying mouse pesticides our exterminators know all about mice and how to get rid of mice for good.  Our fast, professional and licensed mouse extermination technicians will remove the mouse in your home or office.  Mouse control is a priority for a sanitary environment.  It it not healthy to live or work in an area that has been infested with mice.  Mouse traps are a nuisance, call Eliminate’Em Pest Control Services to control mice!  We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to exterminate mice.

Damage By Mice

Mice can make adorable pets if purchased through a pet store and properly cared for, but a wild Mouse/field mice invasion is anything but cute. Not only can Mice systematically ruin your dry food storage, they seriously harm water and gas pipes, electric cables, packaging and woodwork. This damage can be so severe that, in some cases, electrical fires and floods have been accredited to them. If this weren’t enough, Mice also constantly leave a trail of urine behind as they rummage through your food and nibble away at your ceiling. This is entirely unsanitary and can lead to breakouts of Salmonella, Murine Typhus, Rickettsialpox, and even Bubonic plague.

Do You Have A Mouse In The House?

When Mice find their way into your home uninvited, they are nothing but trouble. There are two main types of Mice found in North America, the Deer Mouse and the House Mouse, the House Mouse being the most common house pest. These Mice are grayish brown, with a slightly lighter belly and weigh up to one ounce. They will eat almost anything that humans eat, but prefer cereals, seeds and sweets.

How Do We Know Mice Are In The Home?

There are a few indications that Mice have infested a home. Often, people will hear scratching, shrill squeaking or the sound of a mouse’s tiny feet scampering across the area between your ceiling and your roof. You may notice droppings in your kitchen, on counter tops or in cupboards, left behind as the Mice explored for food. These droppings are black in color and shaped like grains of rice. Other signs include tracks left in dusty areas and gnaw marks on your furniture, walls, or any boxes of delicious treats stored in your pantry.

Doing the Right Thing

A mouse problem is very common in season areas.  When we go from Summer to Fall and move into Winter mice tend to look for warmer places to nest.  This is a common complaint from customers that a mouse is in their house.   There are many ways to get rid of mice.  Consumers often set out poison for mice or set up a mouse trap to get rid of mice while others feel that fumigation is necessary to remove mice in the house.  House mice are a nuisance so it can be more affordable and less time consuming to call a mouse exterminator.  If you have mice in a house you want to act quickly  and call a mouse extermination company to avoid further damage to your home.

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