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Bat Removal Services

Having bats in the house can be more than just spooky – it can be hazardous to your health. Bats are known to carry rabies, and their feces are a breeding ground for a dangerous fungus.

How Hazardous Are Bats?

While an essential link in the world’s ecosystem, bats on their own have been known to spread multiple potentially fatal diseases to humans:

  • Rabies
  • Histoplasmosis, a disease affecting the lungs and other organs
  • Hemorrhagic fevers
  • Nipah and Hendra viruses
  • Coronaviruses, a condition resulting in mild respiratory illnesses
  • Lyssaviruses, a virus which later causes rabies

Additionally, bat droppings, also called guano, are known to attract roaches, mites, and other arthropods.

Signs of Bats

Bats are often significantly smaller than they look – some just need a half-inch crevice to enter your home! As such, if you’re considering bat removal and control services, look for the following signs:

  • Accumulation of guano, or feces
  • White stains on windows, around holes, and near crevices
  • Mouse-like droppings under eaves and overhangs
  • Stains and odors from urine
  • Squeaking and scratching coming from the attic or walls around dawn and dusk

Eliminate ’Em Offers 24/7 Bat Removal in CT, NY, RI & MA

It may seem simple enough to try and get rid of a bat on your own. But capturing a bat isn’t easy, and you run the risk of getting bitten. Even if you manage to get the bat out, more could still return to roost in your home.

Leave it to the expert bat exterminators at Eliminate ’Em. When you request same day service, our licensed and certified technicians will:

  • Remove any bats that are living in your home
  • Find and seal any points of entry for bats, so that they don’t come back
  • Perform professional sanitation services to rid your house of bat waste

By the time we’ve left, you can rest assured that your bat problem will be gone for good. The Eliminate ‘Em family guarantees you quick, safe, and reliable bat removal.

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